Jackie Farmer
I am new to this gym and I have never enjoyed exercising so much . I am learning and experiencing new techniques I never thought my body would do .. Very happy with all that I am learning and experiencing ....,

Marcia Dennis
I first heard about 12 round through a friend, I went in for a trial session. I didn't start right away, because of my own laziness. At the beginning of the year I joined the TFW 8 week transformation challenge . It was great! I knew I would love this gym. It does not have that typical gym feeling. Ken REALLY Works YOU Hard AND Works Every Part Of YOUR Body. He also genuinely wants you to succeed. He will push you in a gentle yet effective way. Whether you know nothing about working out or you are an old pro I'm sure Ken can improve your game.

Creena Flynn
Best workout in the lower mainland! Ken is a rock star trainer, pushes you to perform and properly!

Catherine Martin
I started training with Ken Whitney about a year ago after taking a break from working out. With only a couple of training sessions per week, Ken helped me to raise my level of fitness higher than it has ever been. Recently, I had my first workout at the new “Whitney’s 12 Round Fitness” and I was not disappointed! Ken is a dedicated professional who really knows how to get the maximum benefit from a workout. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or just improve your overall health, I strongly recommend that you visit Ken Whitney. His attitude is inspiring and he instills the confidence and encouragement that you need to be your physical best at any age. Thanks Ken!

Jessica Rebecca Lee Joe
I love coming to train with ken Whitney !!!!!!!!! I look forward to going,not only is it a great work out and something new every day,but Ken is very patient, which helps with my confidence and the topper is that, the environment is always welcoming. <3 I suggest to all my friends near by to join me there !

Kat Godin
He will make you work your ass off! But totally worth it! Great place to get in shape!

Dior Hardy
AWESOME PLACE !!!! KEN works you out good im glad I found this place and he actually cares about you as an individual and encourages you to push yourself

Kutrina Chapman-Blake
Best workouts I've ever had and rapid results. Thank you for pushing me beyond what I think are my limits (even though I threaten to beat ya up). #justresults I'll never need any other gym again.

Louise Chapman
Kendrick cheers you further and draws a crowd that quickly becomes family .. I LOVE IT